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Thursday, October 31, 2013

An Unexpected Turn (Short Story about Vanessa's Accident)

This is Adam McNatt and I want to give you an update concerning our oldest daughter Vanessa McNatt. She was in a car accident on Monday night, September 16, 2013 approximately 10:45 P.M. She was the only person involved in the accident. The accident was severe but God’s hand of protection was on her as we have noticed the countless possibilities that were avoided.

Vanessa was on her way home from her boyfriend’s house after a long weekend and a long day at work. She was only a couple minutes from home when she fell asleep at the wheel. Nearby witnesses said she never touched the brakes as she bounced off a curb and then went directly into the all brick business mailbox that was reinforced with steel rods. The mailbox was moved off its foundation at least 5 feet and bricks were scattered everywhere.

The crash sound was described like the sound of a train wreck, the car horn was blaring, airbags were deployed and Vanessa was rudely awaken with her adrenaline pumping. In shock she quickly grabbed her phone and purse and began to get out of the car. At that moment she realized she could not move her right leg.

Innocent bystanders and emergency help was on the scene in record time. A gentleman named Danny Purcella who appeared to be on his way home from playing in a baseball game rushed to her immediately upon realizing she could not get out of the car. He single handedly lifted her out of the car and gently laid her on the ground near by. Danny began to pray for Vanessa, the car horn stopped and another Holy Spirit filled Christian believer was on the scene and began to pray in agreement. Two or more were already gathered and praying…Jesus was in the midst of them.

Vanessa was still in her right mind and very aware as her body lay paralyzed. The pain from the broken femur bone in her right leg was obvious and the appearance of her leg revealed the injury before any confirmation was necessary. Her face was swollen from the impact of the airbag but appeared to be contorted even as her body was lying on the ground.

Somehow through all the pain and chaos Vanessa was able to call me at home. I answered the phone on speakerphone as Belinda and I were at the kitchen table. We had just settled down after experimenting with the many uses of an Aloe Vera leaf. We heard Vanessa’s voice in a frantic. At first we couldn’t understand her and then all she said was, “Dad I’ve been in an accident…come to Kroger.”

Amidst the tears and staggering voice that cried in desperation we heard our precious little girl use a tone that was reserved for devastating moments. As I rushed for the keys Belinda said, “I’m going. I want to go.” I quickly responded, “Then get the girls I’m out the door.” Before I could slip on shoes and exit the house Jewel and Allison were rushing out the door.

Belinda had run up stairs and woke the girls abruptly as she announced that Vanessa had been in an accident. No shoes and only in sleepwear Jewel jumped in the car in a long t-shirt and Allison in a nightgown. Belinda was right behind and we were on our way to the scene of the accident. Prayers immediately filled the car as our faith arose. We had no idea what we would see when we arrived, concerned that our baby may be there all alone.

After we made our speedy exit from home and left the neighborhood the realization that her call to us could have been the only call she made became clear. I told Belinda to call Vanessa back and ask if she needed us to call 911. We still didn’t know if this was a fender bender or a life-threatening situation. When a man answered the phone Belinda instantly realized this was not a mild incident. The man explained that emergency units were already on the way.

When we approached the scene our hearts were slightly relieved to see emergency vehicles were already present. We were able to park in the business office parking lot that had just lost their mailbox. Not knowing what we would see when we gazed upon our daughter, the two younger sisters were encouraged to pray for their older sister while they looked on from a distance in the back of our vehicle.

Before we even approached Vanessa, we had already activated our heavenly prayer language. When we saw her body lying there twisted and stiff our faith arose as we began to decree healing and health over her life with spiritual authority. We quickly realized there were others around us who were praying in the spirit as well. We knew God was there and that our faithfulness to Him was enabling us to trust Him and not worry.

The paramedics asked us to back away so they could care for her. Her boyfriend Rich was already on the scene as we began to notice the whole setting. We were still in the process of believing for healing but already noticing the miracle that Vanessa was alive. She fell asleep at the wheel on a busy road. She could have hit an oncoming car, a tree, a nearby house or even rolled the vehicle off into a ditch.

There was hardly any bleeding aside from the pool that would form on her swollen upper lip. Still the position of her body required us to look through eyes of faith in order to see that she would be made whole. To the natural man it appeared as though she may have many severe internal injuries and possibly be unable to move.

The unbearable moment of pulling her leg with the broken femur to set it was upon us, but before we realized what was taking place a man approached Belinda and I and asked us if we would like to pray together. We had been praying since the phone call but we were thankful to have someone initiate prayer with us as an open sign of agreement. My brother Arek called Rich at that moment and was praying with him simultaneously. During our prayers with individuals we heard the excruciating scream from Vanessa as they set the femur bone.

People were already seeing the witness of believers coming together. Our composure and authority stunned them. One man even approached Belinda and said, “What is that language you are speaking? It sounds so beautiful. It sounds Aramaic.” Striking Belinda funny, because she is familiar with God using us in the most unlikely places, she was not quite sure how to get into this conversation at such a critical time. Immediately one of the other spirit-filled believers stepped up and said, “I’ll handle this.” God was already using this tragedy and our faith for a greater purpose.

Once the paramedics had loaded Vanessa into the emergency vehicle Belinda road up front and Rich followed the vehicle all the way to Gwinnett Medical Center. I stayed behind and waited for my parents to arrive so they could take Jewel and Allison back to their place. Jewel at 10 years old and Allison at 7 years old were already demonstrating the faith of a strong Christian as I comforted them with words of faith. They had been in tears for their sister and had been praying for her as well. Confidently they informed me that they knew everything would be all right because they prayed for Vanessa and God was going to heal her.

Once the girls were in my parents care I stopped by the house to get any important items that were left behind and then went directly to the hospital. Arriving at the hospital I was greeted by Rich, Belinda and several of Vanessa’s friends (Courtney, Corey, Wes, and Mitch). Everyone was outside at the moment because Vanessa was being seen for X-Rays. Belinda and I went back to the emergency room to be with Vanessa after her X-Rays were completed. We loved on her, consoled her and prayed over her as we stayed at her bedside. It was now shortly after midnight and we would remain in this tiny room until Vanessa was on her way to Pre-Opp around 5:00 A.M.

While in the emergency room the results from the X-Rays came back and we were already receiving good news. Vanessa had no major injuries or issues aside from the broken femur bone in her right leg. The injury was a clean break making it a straightforward procedure to insert a rod into her leg. With the insertion of a rod her pain management would become the greatest issue. The rod would enable her to walk with crutches or a walker within a few days.

They began to transfer Vanessa in preparation for her operation scheduled for 8:30 A.M. The staff working with her was first class and evidence that God’s favor was on Vanessa and her situation was at every turn. A seasoned doctor whose primary focus is fractures, Dr. Bruce Zirahn, would be operating on her.

While making her transition and going for more X-Rays, Belinda and I did a one-hour roundtrip to our home to prepare for the next few days of staying at the hospital with Vanessa. We returned to the hospital and made our way to the room that had been assigned to Vanessa for the next few days. After what seemed like only a moment in room 754 with our daughter she was rolled away for operation.

Everything was happening so fast and it seemed as though the shock of what had just taken place was not settling in. However, the only tears we would shed would be tears of happiness and joy. Our daughter was alive and well and safely in the hands of the Lord. Prayers were already emerging internationally as a result of a few twitter updates and a couple of phone calls. We continued to do our best to update our friends and family by sending tweets from our @adamandbelinda account on Twitter.

The surgery was successful and Vanessa was returned to her room. Before she was fully off the anesthesia she had already had visitors who brought balloons, flowers, gifts and a Laffy Taffy bouquet. Of course the Laffy Taffy bouquet would gladly be enjoyed by family and friends since this is not a favorite of Vanessa’s, but it served its purpose by bringing a smile on her face.

The goal of the hospital was to get Vanessa home as quickly as possible. With no insurance they were motivated to move the patient out of the room. Their plans to have her out by Wednesday didn’t pan out due to the issues that would arise concerning pain management. There were early attempts to take her off the Dalaudid that failed. Reducing the pain medicine early caused her to be in severe pain that would take her breath away.

In the hospital they were asking Vanessa to rate her pain on level of 0-10, 0 being no pain and 10 being the worst possible pain. Upon her arrival into the emergency room just after the incident she rated her pain at a 6. After the surgery there were many times that her pain level would be a 10. Watching the frustration and pain would become more difficult than the total interruption on life itself. We would find ourselves coaching her through bouts with pain, “Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Deep breaths…slowly.”

Over the next few days in room 754 Vanessa would have a host of visitors and phone calls. Facebook and other social networks were flooded with prayers and concern for her. Rich would go to work all day and come to her bedside as soon as he could get to the hospital. He would stay overnight at the hospital and leave by 6:20A.M. to go to work. Belinda and I would stay at the hospital all day until late at night and then return when Rich was leaving for work.

With lots of love and little sleep this exhausting week would seem as but a day. By Thursday we were certain Vanessa would be going home the next day. Belinda and I went home late that evening to prepare the house for our daughter’s arrival. Her bedroom was upstairs and that was not going to work. We had been away from our two youngest daughters all week and were thrilled to be seeing them again. I went to pick them up from the grandparents and Belinda was in full prep mode.

That night we brought a bed down and rearranged the infamous multi-purpose room at our home. This room was originally a garage that had been converted to an additional room. It has served as an in-home office for international ministries, sanctuary for a church plant, recording studio, band rehearsal room, home school room, media duplication room, video recording studio, a live studio for preaching to churches in countries like Pakistan via Skype and the room where we launched The 47 Spot…amongst other things. Now this room would serve as the bedroom for Vanessa while still being used as an office.

The setup for Vanessa in this room served us well with direct access to the driveway. The convenience for guests and visitors who would arrive made it easy for them to spend time with her. We had more unexpected guests in the few days she was home then in our past 11+ years of living at this location combined. Each time a friend visited her it would bring a smile to her face. We are so grateful for the many who have expressed kindness toward her.

After we got Vanessa’s room set up in the “multi-purpose” room, Belinda returned to the hospital on Friday morning for the first time alone. I stayed at home with Jewel and Allison and continued to prepare for her arrival. The anticipation of her arrival was building and time seemed to be in a whirlwind. The day passed so quickly yet it felt as though we were waiting forever. Friday evening, around 8:00PM, Vanessa finally made it home. This was after a quick stop by Joe’s to Goes so some of her former co-workers and friends could come to the car and say hello…as well as a quick stop for a smoothie.

When the car pulled up in the driveway Jewel, Allison and I were waiting at the door with excitement as if we were about to have a surprise party. We were so anxious for her to see the room we had set up, give her welcome home cards and see her in the house. The moment wasn’t exactly what we anticipated. We could see joy and pain, gladness and concern, as well as excitement buried beneath the dreadful anticipation of exiting the car, all on Vanessa’s face at the same time. She was happy to be home but no one was looking forward to the next few moments.

Leaving the hospital and getting into the small Nissan Sentra wasn’t nearly as bad as trying to get out of this vehicle that sits so low to the ground. Guiding her right leg that was she was unable to move on her own was like playing one of those games where you guide the metal loop around the metal bar hoping not to touch it. You know the one where you’re moving along carefully, steady and all of the sudden, “BUZZ!” the alarm sounds and the lights flash.

She was finally out of the car and then we had the doorway. The doorway that is 3 inches off the ground and always requires a courtesy, “Watch your step” as individuals go in and out. Vanessa handled the walker incredibly well but the lack of strength and control in her leg, in addition to the intense pain, caused her to freeze halfway through the doorframe. Unable to move and riveted with pain I eventually had to squeeze my body in next to hers so I could physically pick her up and lift her into the house.

Once she was inside, she got her first view of the room we had set up. The pain made it near impossible for her to express her appreciation but she was still able to offer, through her own words, a kind stamp of approval. Finally she was able to rest in the bed where she has been for nearly 7 weeks.

Our lives may have taken an unexpected turn for sure. Vanessa may have taken an unexpected turn into a small brick wall that changed the total direction of her life...for now. You may be facing or may encounter "unexpected turns" in your future, but God is still faithful. He remains with you always. He never leaves you and He will not forsake you. You may feel as though you are in the fire, but if you will trust in the Lord He will walk with you through the fire and you will not be burned. 

Vanessa has progressed from nearly no mobility to walking speedily without crutches or support of any kind. She is still healing and overcoming the need to limp, but the swiftness of her recovery has been astounding to say the least. To God be the glory for the great things He has done.

Belinda and I are grateful for friends and family who have shown support in so many ways. Your prayers are most appreciated. We are trusting God each step of the way. With the added expenses, numerous jobs that have been cancelled, the loss of Vanessa’s car and the fact that she is unable to work but still has bills, we know and are counting on the fact that God is Jehovah Jireh our Provider.

We may not know who He will use or how He will sustain us but God has never failed us yet and He will not fail us now. Your continued prayers are necessary, even vital and we are grateful that you have included our family in your petitions to the Lord.

We will continue to update everyone on our Twitter account. You can follow @adamandbelinda on Twitter, but if you do not have an account simply go to and scroll down to September 16 for the first entry concerning the accident.

A Recovery Fund has been set up for Vanessa. This money will go directly to her through the GoFundMe account she set up. If you would like to make a contribution please do so at

You may send cards and letters to 206 Northwind Court SW, Lilburn, GA 30047.

By Adam W. McNatt

Monday, July 8, 2013

Sowing Good Seed

Watch more great teaching videos by Archbishop Ken McNatt on YouTube. Subcribe to the kenmcnatt channel and give a thumbs up each time you watch a video.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Theme Song Competition for The 47 Spot

The 47 Spot Theme Song Competition

OFFICIAL RULES: Go to and download these official rules to get your entry form form submission.


Are you a solo rapper or a group looking to get more exposure for yourself and your music, well here is your chance. The 47 Spot (a hip hop night that takes place on the 1st Friday of every month in Lilburn, GA is looking for the hottest theme song that can be used to promote the event. This song will be used in video, radio, TV promotions and each month at the event as a signal that it’s time to begin. The 47 Spot will also use the theme song heavily throughout many social networking sites, email blast and on the official website. This is a Christian event and all lyrics must be appropriate and sound.

If you have what it takes to create a theme song that people can’t forget, then you NEED TO apply. The 47 Spot (the “Sponsor”) has already created a buzz throughout Atlanta and the southeast region of the United States, you can help us expand our borders. The Contest begins at 8:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time (EST) on December 2, 2011 and ends at 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, January 20, 2012 (the “Contest Period”). The winner will be chosen and must perform the theme song at The 47 Spot for the “One Year Anniversary” Friday, February 3, 2012 during the event from 8:00 – 10:00 P.M.

ELIGIBILITY: Must have parents written consent or be 18 years of age or older at time of entry. This contest is open to everyone and all artists are eligible to enter the Contest and win a prize. If you are under contract with (i) any record company, (ii) any major publishing company, or (iii) any company that might interfere with your ability to perform for the Contest Sponsor then it is your responsibility to ensure there is no conflict with submitting a song and providing the necessary rights to The 47 Spot to use the song freely. An anonymous panel of judges will judge this contest and the winner will be chosen as determined by the Sponsor in their sole and absolute discretion.

HOW TO ENTER: Submit your OWN original track both instrumental and rap version, picture, brief biography, lyrics and $8 cash or money order made out to Adam and Belinda and mailed to P.O. Box 871348, Stone Mountain, GA, 30087 or by email to with “Theme Song Competition” in the subject line. Debit/Credit Card/PayPal payments can be submitted at You may enter two songs for $15. You may submit a MAXIMUM of 3 songs for $20. All competition fees submitted are non-refundable. Each song that is entered into the Contest must meet the following “Song Requirements” (any Song that, in Sponsor's sole and absolute discretion, violates the following criteria will be disqualified):

(a) the Song/ instrumental combination MUST BE between :30 seconds and 4 minutes in length

(b) the Song / instrumental combination MUST BE the submitting entrant(s) original, previously unpublished work and not contain any third party copyrighted material; and

(c) The Song / instrumental combination MUST BE received by the end of the Contest Period

(d) The Song/ instrumental combination must have NO cursing

(e) The Song/ instrumental MUST BE consistent with The 47 Spot and the experience

(f) The Song/ instrumental MUST HAVE the proper payment of $8, $15 or $20 (based on number of songs the artist is submitting) included.

::Logo:The 47 Spot logo.jpeg
No substitutions of new versions of submissions will be accepted under any circumstances once the Beat/Song is submitted for consideration into the Contest. Any Beat/Song that is considered by the Sponsor in its sole and absolute discretion to be in violation of the rights of any third party or otherwise objectionable, in whole or in part, will be disqualified and will not be eligible for entry. Except as otherwise stated in these Official Rules, personal information collected in connection with this Contest will be used only with the consent given by an entrant at the time of entry. Proof of submission is not considered proof of delivery to or receipt of such entry. Furthermore, Sponsor shall have no liability for any Beat/Song that is lost, intercepted or not received by the Sponsor. By entering the Contest, each entrant acknowledges and agrees that:

(a) Sponsor is granting entrants a, non-exclusive license to use the a cappella, recording and/or instrumental at will (b) entrants shall retain rights, title or interest in the a cappella, recording and or instrumental, and (c) use of the a cappella, recording and or instrumental is permitted. By submitting a song for the competition you are giving non-exclusive rights to Adam and Belinda and The 47 Spot to use the submitted song as desired without concern of copyright infringement.


The Grand Prize winning Song will be selected from all eligible Songs using the following equally weighted judging criteria: originality; no cursing; creativity; relative to The 47 Spot and cohesion with a cappella. Winner will be announced on February 3, 2012, Friday Night at The 47 Spot where they will be expected to perform the song live, by Sponsor, whose decision will be final and binding and not subject to challenge or appeal on eligibility, determinations and all other matters relating to this Contest. Winner selection will be subject to Sponsor’s verification of the winner's eligibility. Potential winner will be notified by telephone, email and/or regular mail using contact information provided at the time of entry. Sponsor shall have no liability for any winner notification that is lost, intercepted or not received by the potential winner for any reason. If any potential winner does not respond within the time required by Sponsor, or if any winner notification is returned as unclaimed or undeliverable to a potential winner, such potential winner will forfeit his/her prize and an alternate winner may be selected. If any potential winner is found to be ineligible, or if he/she has not complied with these Official Rules or declines the prize for any reason, such potential winner will be disqualified and the prize may be awarded to an alternate winner.

GRANT OF RIGHTS: Each entrant in the Contest gives consent and
releases “Adam and Belinda” and “The 47 Spot” to use the submitted song by video, audio and promotions without limitation or restriction, upon entering the contest. Each contestant understands this is a non-exclusive agreement that allows the artist to retain the rights to their song while releasing “Adam and Belinda” and “The 47 Spot” to earn any royalties or monies that they collect from the use of the song.

::Logo:The 47 Spot logo.jpeg

Sponsor shall have the right, in its sole discretion, to edit, composite, morph, scan, duplicate, or alter the Beat and or Song for any purpose which Sponsor deems necessary or desirable, and each entrant irrevocably waives any and all so-called moral rights they may have therein. Each entrant hereby acknowledges that such entrant does not reserve exclusive rights in or to the Beat and or Song.

PUBLICITY RELEASE: By participating in the Contest, in addition to any other grants which may be granted in any other agreement entered into between Sponsor and any entrant in or winner of the Contest, each entrant irrevocably grants the Promotion Entities and their respective successors, assigns and licensees, the right to use such entrant’s name, likeness, biographical information, Beat and or Song, and any individual(s) participating therein, in any and all media for any purpose, including without limitation, any advertising and promotional purposes, and hereby release the Promotion Entities from any liability with respect thereto.


Grand Prize for The 47 Spot Theme Song Contest:

The winner will receive a cash prize of $100, Friday, February 3, 2012 at The 47 Spot (must be present to accept). Winner will get his/her or their song on The 47 Spot website, a chance to perform live at The 47 Spot “One Year Anniversary” the same night the cash prize is received, a promotional write up on The 47 Spot website, an interview and airplay on Eklectricity with Adam and Belinda on ABRadio and his/her or their song will be the OFFICIAL theme song for The 47 Spot for an unspecified amount of time. As the official theme song it is impossible to list all the benefits that may occur as The 47 Spot grows and expands. All details and other restrictions of prizes not specified in these Official Rules will be determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. The prizes are non-assignable and non-transferable.

FURTHER DOCUMENTATION: If Sponsor shall desire to secure additional assignments, certificates of engagement for the Submission or other documents as Sponsor may reasonably require in order to effectuate the purposes and intents of these Official Rules, then each entrant agrees to sign the same upon Sponsor’s request therefore.


::Logo:The 47 Spot logo.jpeg

Because of the unique nature and scope of the Contest, Sponsor reserves the right, in addition to those other rights reserved herein, to modify any date(s) or deadline(s) set forth in these Official Rules or otherwise governing the Contest. Sponsor cannot accurately predict the number of entrants who will participate in the Contest.

If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please send us an email to

ALL submissions and entry fees MUST BE received no later than Friday, January 20, 2012.

Sponsor and Advertisement Opportunity

We are approaching the "One Year Anniversary" for The 47 Spot. In just a few short months The 47 Spot has become a phenomenon as this event has grown from an idea that began in a house to an event that is talked about all over the South East Region of the United States and beyond. The 47 Spot is held on the 1st Friday of each month in Lilburn, GA (NE of Atlanta). On average 80-100 attend this event in addition a great number of people watch streaming online.

One incredible aspect of The 47 Spot that sets it apart is the number of Artists, Producers, DJs and the like that attend regularly, not to mention the line up of Artists who perform is always extraordinary.

The T-Shirt pictured above is part of a fundraising effort to help The 47 Spot continue to expand. We will initially be printing 100 Tees that will be given to artists and attendees for free. The receivers of these shirts will proudly wear them everywhere. On the back of the T-Shirts we are providing space for Sponsors and Advertisers to purchase. If you are an entrepreneur, business or individual who is looking to promote on a lasting mobile advertisement source we encourage you to seize this opportunity while it is available.

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To become a sponsor send an email to with "Sponsor Tee" in the subject line. Payment may be received by check (made payable to E.R.I.C.), money order, credit/debit card, paypal or cash.

Please contact:

Adam and Belinda McNatt


*Makes check payable to E.R.I.C.